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“Over a decade?”

Crazy right and you know what, I still find it
so rewarding taking care of feet in the
Redland's community!

Joe Henry

Owner of The Podiatry Room
and dedicated carer of feet

“We created the Podiatry Room to care for all feet”

Since 2012, The Podiatry Room has grown from a 1.5 day a week practice to 2 full-time podiatrists. Our patients return because we take the time to determine the problem and to explain our treatment plan. We believe in 'no surprises' treatment. You will always know what is happening and why we are doing what we are doing.

Joe Henry

Owner of The Podiatry Room
and dedicated carer of feet

Real dedication,
Real outcomes

We are independent. We are governed by knowledge, experience and good old-fashioned customer service. We only offer advice we know will help.


Realistic expectations are essential when it comes to your feet. Genuine care comes with honesty about recovery. Progress can take time, but with care and education, results will come.

Powered by passionate practising podiatrists —
who too have feet!

Owner-operator Joe and fellow podiatrist Will can help you manage any kind of foot-related problem.

Along with our amazing support team, your feet will feel the care they deserve.

Whether you are suffering from pain, need orthotics or guidance about the best footwear to match your activities and lifestyle, we would love to see you.

Owner, Podiatrist

Owner operator and full-time Podiatrist Joe Henry is registered with the Podiatry Board of Australia. He completed a Bachelor of Podiatry at QUT in 2004 after initially studying mechanical engineering. Joe chose podiatry because of his passion for finding and resolving the root cause of biomechanical issues within the human body. The foot is a complex structure. When damaged or cared for incorrectly, it can significantly impact your quality of life.

Joe wants what is best for his patients and will tenaciously seek the source of the problem and solve it. He particularly enjoys orthotic therapy, which involves using in-shoe devices to correct foot and lower limb conditions.


Will is a proud member of the Australian Podiatry Association. Will has always had a keen interest in people's health and wellbeing and wants to assist them to live happy and pain-free lives. Will enjoys all aspects of podiatry and has a particular interest in preventing long-term complications of the feet and lower limbs.

“We’re here for…”

…your feet (and you). Book in today
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Friend of feet
a.k.a podiatrist