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General Treatment

The podiatrists at The Podiatry Room want your feet to be as healthy as possible. Rather than waiting for a serious problem to develop, we offer a range of options aimed at prevention and early intervention as well as treatment.

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Ingrown Nails and Surgery

There is no need to suffer the pain of an ingrown nail. Your podiatrist can clear the nail sulcus and train the nail to grow correctly again. The Podiatry Room also offers an extremely successful surgery called Nail Wedge Resection that permanently stops ingrown nails.

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Personalised Orthotics

Orthotics are a custom designed device that is inserted into the shoe. At The Podiatry Room, we design orthotics exactly to your feet to correct your particular concern. This is where orthotics differ from the generic design of the cushioned heel cups or insoles sold at a supermarket or pharmacy.

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Ball of Foot / Forefoot Pain

Pain in the front of the foot could be caused by a range of conditions. The most common conditions affecting this area are: Bunions, Morton's Neuroma, Sesamoiditis and Metatarsal Stress Fractures. At The Podiatry Room we successfully treat all of these conditions.

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Heel Pain

Talk to a podiatrist at The Podiatry Room. He/she will ask questions about the type of activities you engage in, assess the structure of your feet and the way you walk. They will take time to explain what can be done but also why you have the pain.

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Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. They can be unsightly and very painful when on the bottom of the feet (plantar warts). Once warts appear on the skin, they rarely disappear on their own but fortunately there are effective treatments available.

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Diabetes and your Feet

At your annual visit, your podiatrist will assess the level of sensation in your feet and the amount of blood circulation in the area. This information can be forwarded to your GP or specialist to help them manage your condition.

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Proper Footwear Makes a World of Change

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For Doctors

The Podiatry Room successfully treats patients every day. We cover all aspects of podiatry from General Treatment to Pain Management.

“Don’t burry your feet (problems) in the sand?”

Early treatment can get you back
on your feet faster.

Joe Henry

Owner of The Podiatry Room
and dedicated carer of feet