Flat feet



No supermarket solutions,
just Personalised Orthotics

Orthotics are a custom-designed device that is inserted into the shoe. At The Podiatry Room, we design orthotics precisely to your feet to correct your particular concern. This is where orthotics differ from the generic design of the cushioned heel cups or insoles sold at a supermarket or pharmacy.

At The Podiatry Room, we use orthotics to treat a range of conditions of the feet and lower limb usually caused by an irregular walking pattern. Orthotics can correct abnormal functions of the feet, increase balance and shock absorption. They do this by altering the angle at which the foot hits and sits on the ground when you stand, walk and run.

Overpronation is one of the common conditions our podiatrists use orthotics to treat. You might suspect overpronation if your feet seem to roll inwards when you walk and run. This rolling motion puts considerable strain on the foot and lower limbs, with patients coming to see us because of pain in their knees, hips and back.

When a patient presents with overpronation, or other conditions requiring orthotics, our podiatrists use a Biomechanical Assessment to determine the individual's need. A plaster mould of both feet is made. We organise for one of Queensland's largest laboratories to make the best device available on the market specifically for you. Our patients are pleased with the result and appreciate that no one can tell they are wearing orthotics!

You will likely benefit from orthotics if you notice any of the following:

  • You sprain (turn) your ankle regularly
  • You have heel pain when you first get up
  • You have ongoing pain in your heel, shin, knee and lower back
  • You have pain in the sides of your feet from rubbing on the sides of your shoes
  • Your feet noticeably point in or out when you are walking
  • Your legs are not the same length
  • Your toes are crooked

If you are experiencing these signs, don't ignore them. There is relief available.