How do I make payment?

Payment is expected at the end of each consultation.

  • Patient with Private Health Cover - The Podiatry Room will swipe your health fund card through the HICAPS machine and you will pay the gap using eftpos, credit card or cash.
  • Patient without Private Health Cover - You pay using eftpos, credit card or cash.
  • Medicare EPC - The Podiatry Room uses medicare easyclaim. You will pay a pension rate and using your medicare card and an eftpos card we will place the rebate straight back into your Account.
  • Workcover - If the claim is accepted by Workcover, we invoice Workcover directly and you are not required to pay.

Am I covered by my health fund?

Whether or not you are covered will depend on your cover and your fund.  We recommend that you contact your health fund to find out if you are covered for podiatry before you make your appointment with us.  When talking to your health fund quote the code 'F004 Initial Consultation' and 'F012 General Consulation' to find out whether or not you will be entitled to a refund, and if so, the amount.  At The Podiatry Room we use the hicaps system.  This means you can claim on the spot and only pay the gap.

What is the most common myth you hear as a practitioner?

We have had many patients who, havng been diagnosed with arthritis many years earlier, put all subsequent issues down to their arthritis and assume nothing can be done to help.  In many instances we have been able to treat an issue that the person felt he/she simply had to 'live with'.  Even if you have arthritis, this does not mean any pain you experience is caused by the arthritis. If you have pain, let a qualified professional decide if it is the same recurring problem or something else that can be treated.

Do I need a referal?

A referral is only necessary if you have a DVA Gold Card or are on an EPC (medicare) plan.  In other situations a referral is not required.

Some GPs like to give a referral to The Podiatry Room so they can help us understand the history of the issue and other relevant treatment that you may be undergoing.  We welcome collaboration with other medical practitioners to get the best result for you.